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Educational Programmes

Children at Bambinos will experience a planned and emergent curriculum that will build on their experiences and dispositions. Children will be given opportunities to learn and develop to their potential as well as to share and participate fully in the teaching and learning process.

From babies through to school age children, Bambinos has a strong educational programme where children can become flexible and can adapt to new environments easily as they develop strong social relationships. There are developmental milestones reached by each child as they transition from room to room.

The programme incorporates the NZ Te Whariki Curriculum which encourages children to use their abilities to grow and learn within an atmosphere of stimulation and harmony. Children can create, discover, experiment and develop a need for learning. Children are observed and listened to so we can recognize and encourage their natural abilities. Activities are based on children’s interests allowing children a balance between self-expression, group, and individual activities.

Readiness to School

For your child to transition into primary school with confidence. our educational programme provides extensive learning opportunities which support foundations for further learning. Foundation skills involve the provision of experiences that support our literacy rich environment.

Children / Parent Voices

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